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MAWABU - COVID Safety Plan

In preparation for the 2023 Ski Season and to assist members and guests prepare for their booking and visit, MAWABU has provided a COVID Safety Plan (March 2023),  and Disclaimer (March 2023). MAWABU Ski Lodge asks that members and guests read these documents


The MAWABU Board and the Lodge Managers are again excited to be able to open during the 2023 snow season with  renovated facilities. The health and well-being of our members and guests is paramount. We ask that you all follow the MAWABU Safety Plan, all procedures and reasonable requests from the Lodge Managers. The COVID Safety Plan & Disclaimer is designed to support and encourage you to book your MAWABU ski lodge accommodation with confidence. 


It's mandatory that all members and guests read the MAWABU COVID Safety Plan (March 2023) and

Disclaimer(March 2023)  prior to arriving at the lodge.

We look forward to safely welcoming you during the 2023 Snow Season!




If you are planning on skiing or snowboarding, please ensure you pre-purchase passes or lift tickets at

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